Sunday, March 20, 2011

“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands" - Mahatma Gandhi

Photo: Rachel DeHayes, "The Fly" on the Mississippi
I think this has been one of my favorite weekends in New Orleans thus far. Filled with relaxing time in the sun and a view of the incredible Super Moon, my soul could not be more fulfilled! Here's the rundown:

Friday night I met up with friends for a fun and delicious dinner at Jacques-Imo's (read about that and other yummy restaurants here), where we not only indulged in way too much corn bread and free shots from our waitress, but also became incredibly amused spectators of a Bachelor party! New Orleans is literally the only place on earth that I can think of where men can play strip poker in a restaurant. Yes, I said Strip Poker. Never have I ever seen grown men walking around a restaurant in nothing but boxers, but I guess I can now check that off my list (if it was even on it in the first place?) Kept it low key at Monkey Hill after dinner for the perfect ending to a Friday night.

On my actual list (that previously did not include half-naked bachelors), was taking in a Tulane Baseball game. Check! The day was perfectly sunny with low humidity, and luckily my partner in crime was willing to switch sides mid-game to even out our tans (and by tans I mean burns). The facilities are gorgeous, and the team's pretty good to watch. Missed the Miami traditions big time, but I will be entering my car in and subsequently winning the "Dirtiest Car in the Lot" contest next time. Free car wash, here I come. Before the game I attended an ERACISM meeting (check out the website here), technically for my internship, but it never ceases to disappoint in providing a thought-provoking start to my day.

Cafe Atchafalaya = awesome. Add it to your New Orleans gastronomic tour immediately. From the outside it looks like an older house, but the experience includes two-waiter service, which ran a bit slow, but was compensated for with free wine! The Gumbo appetizer was rich and flavorful and the pork tenderloin in mango chutney with market greens and corn bread pudding tasted heavenly. Following the meal was a stop at the Creole Creamery for some "Cookie Monster" ice cream, and a drive to Audubon park to take in the Super Moon. Car top down, the best company, good food, gorgeous moon, and I was a happy lady.

And finally, Sunday. After that moon last night, it is my belief that the Sun got a little jealous and decided to come out in full force. Staying inside was not an option, so I recruited some of my favorite Nola folk and headed to the Fly (pictured above) for a day of sunning and people watching right on the Mississippi River. Now, I am half a lobster, ready to indulge in my fridge full of leftovers for dinner.

A Mazel to those who made it through this post; writing is truly a catharsis, and all the better when pouring out positive feelings. I hope you had a great weekend too, and wish you an easy transition into the week ahead.

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