Monday, February 7, 2011

"In New Orleans, gluttony is a way of life" - Morton J. Horwitz

Photo: Rachel DeHayes, Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

Photo: Rachel DeHayes, Roast Beef Debris Po'Boy
There are no two ways about it: family in town = good food. Actually, since this is New Orleans, where "good food" is practically an insult, let me re-phrase: family in town = oh my god I'm so full from ridiculously delicious food that I won't be able to move for hours. 

As important as it is to take in the sites and sounds of this cultural mecca, New Orleans is the kind of city where the food easily drives the planning for the whole day. Though the city offers some of the most creative breakfast meals - Ignatius and Elizabeth's, I'm talking to you! - we decided to take one meal per day to rest our taste buds, and let's be honest, lunch and dinner weren't about to get cut from the list. 

Thanks to suggestions from local friends and a burgeoning knowledge of my new home, here is the complete list of decadent indulgences from this weekend's gluttonous extravaganza:
  • Lunch: Port of Call on Esplanade Ave - Some call them hamburgers, I call them "cloudburgers." And don't even get me started on the baked potato...
  • Happy Hour: The Columns on St. Charles Ave - As classy as it is reasonable, with $2 drink specials and a live Jazz trio set in a Plantation-style home turned hotel
  • Dinner: Dante's Kitchen on Dante Street - Hands down, best meal of the weekend thanks to homestyle cooking with plenty of Louisiana flair
  • Lunch II: Joey K's on Magazine Street - Crusty, juicy Roast Beef Debris Po'Boys, trust me, far more delicious than it sounds
  • Snack: Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street - The one and only place to indulge in fresh beignets and cafe au lait, but beware of flying powered sugar!
  • Happy Hour II: Pat O'Briens on St. Peter Street - Tall, strong Hurricanes with a side of dueling pianos
  • Dinner II: Pascale's Manale on Napoleon Ave - A recommendation from my grandpa and a don't miss for the barbecued shrimp - paper bib and all!
  • Lunch III: Cafe Rani on Magazine Street - Redfish Po'Boy and weekend brunch specials out on the sunny courtyard with live music
If you're exhausted from reading that list, just think about my full tummy! But no complaints here, I'm happy to indulge for the weekend. Check back this week for more updates on the rest of my weekend as a tourist. But for now, I've got leftovers calling my name...


  1. I got so jealous of NOLA eating, Saturday night we went to our local cajun cafe to have Abita beer,gumbo,catfish,red beans & rice, BBQ shrimp and whiskey bread pudding! When I go, often for the Bucs/Saints games, I do plan my arrival and departure to include as many meals as possible !

  2. Great post! The places I do know on your list are fabulous so I look forward to trying the ones I do not. Love me that New Orleans flavor.