Friday, April 8, 2011

"Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings." - Euripides

Sorry Euripides, I know you are a great Greek tragedian and all, but isn't that a bit harsh? I can see your point when the guilty pleasure has deep-rooted moral consequences, but when I think guilty pleasure, I think things like the Real Housewives series, trashy magazines, extreme bargain shopping...and oh yah...PEEPS.

After weeks of hemming and hawing about whether or not to buy some Peeps (aka the yellow, delicious candy-coated Marshmallow Chicks), I broke down and did it. But to my surprise, the woman at the cash register informed me that I was the first, let me repeat, first, person she'd seen buy Peeps since they got them in! WHAT?! Easter is in two weeks, and I - the one who doesn't even celebrate the holiday - am the first person to indulge in this Spring delight? What a travesty!

So, it got me thinking: do people just really detest Peeps (I don't know how you could...) or, is it something bigger? Are people refraining from indulging in those little guilty pleasures? Since I still fall victim to the fleeting joy of a mid-afternoon nap or an hour of trashy TV, I'm inclined to believe its not the latter, and therefore, I must be the only person in New Orleans who likes Peeps. But enough about my guilty pleasure...its Friday, prime indulgence day! What are you favorite guilty pleasures? I always love a new dirty little secret! 


  1. I love peeps...gotta be a little stale...who doesn't love 'em!

  2. Rhoda said
    I also love peeps!!! Got some getting stale in the closet!! Even have a peeps t-shirt !!!
    Must run in the family with peeps!!