Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage." - Catherine Douzel

The weather is officially in the 60's here in the South (aka New Orleans), which means it is tea time! When I was in India, I became quite the dedicated tea-drinker, and even brought home some authentic loose teas back to the States with me. I purchased Darjeeling, Mango, and Asam - which is used with Masala spice for delicious Chai Tea. I have a cool little loose tea to-go container from Teavana, but nothing to strain loose tea in my favorite Life Is Good mug.

So, I got creative, and now I will share my little discovery with you!

DIY Tea Strainer

What You'll Need:
Your favorite loose tea (I chose Teavana's Snow Geisha for my demo, but I had my Darjeeling earlier)
A coffee filter
A pencil
A cozy mug
Hot water (duh.)

Step One: Put desired amount of tea in the coffee filter. I like my tea pretty strong, so I covered the bottom of the coffee filter for extra flavor.

Step Two: Fold the coffee filter in half, and poke your pencil through both sides. Dunk the pouch in the hot water and balance the pencil on top of the mug to let the tea steep.

Step Four: After the tea steeps, remove the pouch and toss used tea leaves. Voila! You have freshly brewed loose-leaf tea! Add sugar or milk, and enjoy!

Have a beautiful Wednesday and stay warm out there folks!

Oh, p.s. I got all of my Indian teas from this guy: The Spice Maker. Check out his website!

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  1. Awesome -- I am def going to use this. You just saved me $$... I was going to buy one of the special tools for loose tea. Not anymore! :-)