Monday, January 31, 2011

"There are no new ideas. Only new ways of making them felt." - Audre Lorde

This is an impulse. After countless hours of staring at my computer screen, writing page after monotonous page about this theory or that for grad school, I couldn't go to sleep without starting this blog. Now, the idea of blogging is not new to me; however, the act of blogging is. I love to write, but after years of formulated press releases and explanatory essays, I've missed writing just for the sake of writing. It is an unnerving task, putting my thoughts on the internet, but what better way to improve than to put myself out there for everyone to see?

In considering a theme for my blog, I was at a loss. I thought, what could I possibly have to say about a topic that would be fresh and insightful? And that's when it hit me: there are no new ideas. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I want to be inspired by this proverbial wheel. 

We are all drawn to the words of others, yet, the same story affects each of us differently. Each entry will begin with a quote, and my hope is to take this idea, and simply add feeling. I want to share my inspirations. My point of view. My interpretation. What will yours be?

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  1. Great concept! Just like no new ideas, human nature works within the same spectrum of emotion for us all. The fun is in the interpretation. What perspective do we each bring to every situation? As an avid student of human nature, I'll be eagerly awaiting your interpretations!